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Essential protection ought to be affordable and reliable, which is why AR500 Armor Steel Plate is one of the most cost-effective plates on the market. The plate material is a steel alloy blend covered with an exclusive Bullet Liner™ Coat.

Our AR500 Hard Steel Armor Plates, unlike ceramic or polyethylene alternatives, is capable of protecting against several direct hits while still being less bulky than competing materials. It also has been independently tested in accordance with NIJ 0101.06 threat levels through NTS-Chesapeake Testing. This means that its Level III protection is rated to stop 7.62×51 M80 NATO Ball (.308 Winchester) at a velocity of up to 2,780 FPS, and special threat tested to stop 5.56mm M855/SS109 (Green Tip) at a velocity of 2,780 FPS.

A benefit not elsewhere found in the industry, the patented SFA Spec Fit shape. It is also compatible with all standard plate carriers that accept SAPI given there is an appropriately sized chest plate pocket.

Finally, the Bullet Liner™ Coat is a unique feature that guarantees two benefits:

  1. It gives a twenty-year maintenance-free shelf life – making this steel plate far outlast ceramic or polyethylene alternatives.
  2. The coating mitigates the dangers of spalling (when pieces of steel fragment off) and fragmentation (when the bullet’s remains fragment off), protecting the wearer from both the direct ballistic impact and the aftermath of the impact.
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